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Thinking About Retirement and Selling Your Business?

It takes three people to make this happen:

  • A willing seller

  • A willing buyer

  • A willing lender

We have the buyers and the lenders, and can complete the transaction for you.
Putnam Ring Group is a funeral-industry merger and acquisition advisory firm serving clients throughout the Midwest. Founded in 2005 by Mark Putnam and David Ring, the firm specializes in providing clients with expert assistance in the sale, or growth through acquisition, of their businesses.
Putnam Ring’s services include:

  • Business consulting 

  • Strategic planning

  • Tailored selling and/or buying strategies

  • Providing capital via SBA and other lending partners

  • Targeted industry research

Putnam Ring’s focus is helping you realize your personal financial potential, whether by buying or selling. In today’s complicated and highly competitive business environment, you need a knowledgeable partner. Putnam Ring skillfully guides clients through all key buying and selling details.

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